(Gay) Hoarders: Tori Spelling Edition

(Gay) Hoarders: Tori Spelling Edition

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“With the help of family and friends, 237 gays were rescued. Unfortunately, two had to be put down.”

Real talk, when I began watching Funny Or Die’s Tori Spelling-centric episode of Hoarders, it was LOLZ City. But halfway through the video, the joke just seemed tired. I was half expecting Debra Messing to pop in for a cameo, because the straight girl/gay boys dynamic going on here is pure 90’s.

Mr. Tori Spelling, husband Dean, plays a fantastic straight me (so to speak) here, and you’re kind of left remembering that there’s a little bit of truth in every joke.

What do you think of Tori’s Hoarder of Gays video? Is it funny or just a straight woman’s idea of what a funny video about 237 gays would be like?

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