The Most Popular Gay Honeymoon Destinations Happen to Be Super Anti-Gay

The Most Popular Gay Honeymoon Destinations Happen to Be Super Anti-Gay

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As it turns out, most of the top gay honeymoon destination countries are anti-gay, with four out of the five of them not recognizing same-sex marriage.

According to a study by travel company Kuoni, quoted in Gay Star News, the top five destination countries for same-sex honeymoons are Indonesia, Thailand, Mauritius, the Maldives and the United States. The latter nation is the only one of those five that recognizes same-sex marriage. In the Maldives it’s illegal to be gay, with a possible punishment of the death penalty. In Mauritius, sodomy comes with a five-year jail sentence.

Two other popular queer honeymoon destinations — Italy and Australia — also don’t recognize same-sex marriage.

So if you’re planning to travel for your gay honeymoon, come to the United States! We’ll recognize your marriage —though we might detain you in an airport for several days or kick you out for using a hookup app.

Need more honeymoon ideas? These 30 international destinations will be overrun by gays this year.


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