These Gay Iraqi Twin Fashion Models Have an Incredible Coming Out Story (Video)

These Gay Iraqi Twin Fashion Models Have an Incredible Coming Out Story (Video)

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During high school, Iraqi-American twins Michael and Zach Zakar looked identical but were quite different. Michael was an artistic loner and Zach was a rugby-playing jock.

One day, when Zach was absent from school with a stomach flu, a junior boy at their American high school asked Michael if he wanted to make out in the handicap toilet stall above their school gymnasium. During their make out session, two other students walked in and caught them. Embarrassed, Michael fled.

Because he looked just like his twin brother, a rumor began circulating at school that Zach had been caught making out with a guy in the bathroom. When Michael came home and told Zach about the rumor, Zach responded, “I thought no one saw me!”

Confused, Michael explained what had happened and they eventually came to the realization that they had both fooled around with the same student in the bathroom on different days. (Zach had made out with him the week before he became ill).

Before this conversation, neither brother realized that his twin was gay. Sometime afterwards, they came out to their Iraqi-born parents. But while their father was cool about it, their Catholic mother had a hard time accepting their sexuality and threw holy water upon them before fleeing to her church for a week.

The twins have said that if they I didn’t have one another for support, they would have hard a very hard time making it through to the lives they have now. They now work as models and have turned their coming out experience into a “dark-comedy memoir” called Pray the Gay Away, which will come out in 2018.

They’re also working on a sexy calendar and an app called “My Twin” to help other support others with their comings out.

You can see more sexy pics of the Zakar twins at their Instagram, their YouTube channel and learn more about their work at their website.

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