Gay Journalist Miguel Marquez Badly Beaten In Egypt

Gay Journalist Miguel Marquez Badly Beaten In Egypt

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Anderson Cooper and Lara Logan aren’t the only American journalists to fall victim to out of control mob violence in Egypt. Gay journalist Miguel Marquez is recovering from being badly beaten while reporting for ABC News in Tahrir Square.

Marquez was literally on the phone with executives at ABC News when a group of protestors began attacking him. ABC News listened in horror as Marquez screamed and plead with his attackers, telling them he was a journalist covering their historic overthrowing of Egyptian dictator-in-president’s-clothes, Hosni Mubarak.

Marquez managed to seek medical treatment in a Bahrain hospital. You can follow his updates on the escalating violence via his Twitter account HERE.

Our thoughts go out to Marquez, Logan, and the Egyptian people in this time of chaos.

Should American journalists continue to be deployed in Egypt in light of the violence being performed against them? Should a gay journalist have been sent to a rabidly homophobic nation in protest? Tell us what you’re thinking.

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