The Daily Sting, Monday: Marvel Exec Laments Lack of Queer Heroes, Trump Fast-Tracks Trans Ban Editors' Picks

The Daily Sting, Monday: Marvel Exec Laments Lack of Queer Heroes, Trump Fast-Tracks Trans Ban

Written by Stephan Horbelt on November 26, 2018
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Let’s start the week with some of the day’s big queer headlines, starting with the gay Marvel executive who in an interview lamented the company’s lack of queer and Latin superheroes. And Trump has gone straight to the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to get his trans ban enacted in the military.

In other news, Dictionary.com has released its “word of the year,” Saudi Arabia is teaching kids crazy things about sex, and Liberia, Africa, is threatening to jail gay people who get married in other countries.

From the gay Marvel exec’s strong words to Trump’s trans ban, here are today’s big gay headlines:

1. Gay Marvel Exec Laments Film Universe’s Lack of Queer and Latin Heroes (Film)

trans ban gay marvel 2

During a recent interview, gay Marvel executive Victoria Alonso spoke about the lack of diversity in her company’s films and how she longs for LGBTQ and Latin characters. “The gay community has not been represented whatsoever. I’m gay, so I can tell you that I would long for that,” she told the BBC. As a Latina woman, she also longs for the Marvel cinematic universe to represent the Latin community. “We are determined to have everyone represented in our films in some way, at some point in time,” says the gay Marvel exec.

2. Liberia Threatens to Jail for Life Gays Who Get Married in Other Countries (World)

trans ban gay marvel liberia

Liberia, a country in Africa that currently punishes gay sex with up to a year in prison, is currently seeking tough legislation. The new law would include a tougher sentence for gay sex (no bail and 10 years to life) and would also jail gay couples for life if they were to get legally married in another country. The country’s Committee on Judiciary and Gender is reviewing the law, with the bill’s sponsor remarking it’s necessary to “preserve African culture.”

3. Trump Wants U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on His Trans Ban for the Military (News)

trans ban gay marvel military

Since last July, the Trump administration has been attempting a trans ban for the U.S. military but has as of yet been unsuccessful. The trans ban continues to be challenged in the American court system, which has kept it from actually being enacted. But now the administration has gone directly to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to rule on the trans ban. It’s unlikely that will happen, though, as the high court prefers to only look at cases after they’ve been ruled on by lower courts.

4. Dictionary.com Unveils Its ‘Word of the Year’ (News)

Dictionary.com today chose the word “misinformation” as its “word of the year,” and the word is considered by many to describe the current state of the word and news media. According to the AP, “It’s the idea of intent, whether to inadvertently mislead or to do it on purpose, that the Oakland, California-based company wanted to highlight.” Jane Solomon, who works for Dictionary.com, says the word of the year is meant to serve as a “call to action” in the battle against fake news.

5. Saudi Arabia Is Teaching Kids That Gay Sex Causes Natural Disasters (Culture, World)

trans ban gay marvel saudi

When the U.S. Anti-Defamation League examined textbooks in Saudi Arabia schools it found they’ve been promoting hatred and violence toward Jews, Christians, women and gay people. And the country’s textbooks have been used as far as classrooms in Africa, Europe and other parts of Asia. Among the most ludicrous things in these textbooks are that gay sex should be punished by death and that it’s the cause of the world’s natural disasters.

Do you agree with the gay Marvel exec that we need more queer heroes? And what about Trump’s trans ban? Do you think it will pass Supreme Court scrutiny?

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