A New Study Asks, ‘Are Men With Beards Sexier?’

A New Study Asks, ‘Are Men With Beards Sexier?’

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Thank God for that thing called science asking the important questions like, “Are men with beards sexier?”

We’re drawn to a man with a good face of hair, but do other gay men agree? Turns out they do. A new study shows that men prefer men with facial hair.

New York Times writes:

It’s not just women who prefer bearded alpha males — men also prefer men with facial hair.

Dr. Dixson and colleagues asked 1,577 men and women from Brazil and the Czech Republic about facial hair. Compared to heterosexual women, gay men had stronger preferences for men with more facial hair.

“Homosexual men preferred hairier stimuli than heterosexual women, supporting past findings that homosexual men have strong preferences for masculine traits,” the authors reported.

Even though beards are still perceived as sexy, some are saying that they’re over.

“We live in a more streamlined world that’s post-hipster,” says Jorge Cosano, the founder of the men’s e-commerce site, Ecole.

“The hipster was all about being anti-establishment and doing everything that was against corporate culture. But now we’re seeing that the new millennials, these ‘yuccies,’ are working in non-traditional environments where they can wear what they want to in their work places and truly express themselves. Now with tech becoming so big, it’s affected how people want to look like: Clean, minimal, crisp. The beard has no place now.”

“Men with burly beards are starting to reduce them for a more streamlined look,” says Robert McMillen, the head barber at Blind Barber. He believes the beard reached its peak in popularity a year or two ago.

But that doesn’t mean their opting for clean-shaven. McMillen continues, “Guys are wearing mustaches or leaving some stubble.”

In a 2015 article for Mashable, model and photographer Joel Alexander claimed that beards are out, too.

“The hipster is a thriftster,” he said. “In essence he’s cheap. He’s that Silver Lake guy with Vans and rolled up jeans. I love that look, that’s who I am too, in a lot of ways. But today’s dude is all about looking more unattainable, looking more elevated, maybe more expensive. No one wants a hipster who looks like he just got done scavenging.”

However, we just looked at his Instagram and look what we found:


Just goes to show one minute something is out and the next it’s back in.

Trends do come and go, but we think beards may still be here to stay.

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