This Infographic Answers an Age-Old Question: How Do You Properly ‘Clean Up’ Before Butt Sex?

A lot of gay men have a very awkward question: how do I clean my butt before gay sex?

Well, artist Blindjaw’s new infographic is answering that age old question. Featuring a very cute and silly bear getting ready for the dirty (or not so dirty deed) – Blindjaw’s infographic begins with four types of douching methods: bulb douche, shower douche, water bag douche and enema douche.

The following three definitions can be found on The Big Gay Review, a very helpful sex toy site created by and for gay men.

Bulb Douche

“These are probably the most common type of Douche, and probably the cheapest and easiest to use. They are normally 2-piece kits – a squeezable bulb (usually made from rubber or silicone) into which you insert a nozzle. You fill the bulb with warm water and then insert into the anus, and squeeze the bulb to allow the water to enter.”

Shower Douche

gay men douche

“A shower douche will typically be a kit that will allow you to connect it to your existing shower or bathtub mixer tap. Some can be permanently attached, others can be attached Ad Hoc (when you need it). The good thing about this type of douche, is that you get a consistent flow rate. There’s no possibility for what I call ‘suck back’  – and you can get a deeper clean, because you have more pressure coming out.”


Water Bag Douches

gay men douche

“These essentially combine the best bits of the bulb and shower douche. The basic concept is a bag (or sometimes a hot water bottle) that is filled with water and then held high on a hook (it actually works in a similar way to the Hydrodouche) – there is a long tube attached to the bag, which then has the Nozzle. They will almost always come with an adapter to help adjust the flow of water, and as these aren’t permanently hooked up to the shower, this means it can easily be folded away and taken with you, meaning you can indulge in anal play whenever and wherever you are.”

The fourth type of douche Blindjaw’s infographic features is the Fleet Enema, a brand sold at your local pharmacy.

gay men douche

Their website reads: “Fleet introduced the first disposable, small-volume enema in 1953. Today, Fleet is recognized world wide as a preferred laxative brand, for good reasons. They provide the fastest form of gentle relief, usually within 5 minutes or less, are all latex-free/gluten-free, and are manufactured with the utmost of care and quality control right here in the U.S. All Fleet enemas are designed for single use.”

Check out the squeaky clean infographic helping gay men douche here: