The Hornet Guide to Gay Mexico City: The City’s Best Nightlife (Part 2)

The Hornet Guide to Gay Mexico City: The City’s Best Nightlife (Part 2)

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After spending the day seeing the sights in Part 1 of our Mexico City guide, it’s time to get your eat on. Gay Mexico City nightlife is amazing and it never stops. As one of the top five most populous cities on the planet, Mexico City undoubtedly has one of the best nightlife scenes in the country and around the globe.

Unsurprisingly, Mexican food is incredibly authentic and delicious here. We have pretty much everything your stomach (and heart) could ever need. When you’re in Mexico City, prepare to have fun and eat.

Best Places to Eat in Gay Mexico City

Hipster, retro style has hit Mexico City hard. There are some impressive retro cafés, and nicely decorated restaurants that will make you want more, more, more! There are super underground cafés too. Here are the best places to eat in Mexico City.


1. Jetson’s

If you ever saw The Jetsons when you were a child, you will adore this place.

Everything here is retro-futuristic like the cartoon. Instead of burgers, they opted for stuffed-chorizo potatoes, BBQ ribs, steak (spicy or not), shrimp and salmon. And that’s even before you get into the Monday to Friday specials! If you want a big potato, you can get itat the cost of a small one. Or two-for-one milkshakes. Or pay $25 MXP (about $1.50 USD) for a beer. Best of all, order a cocktail. You won’t want to miss the Astroboy or even the Marty McFly. Trust us — you’ll thank us later.

Barracuda Diner

2. Barracuda Diner

You’ll be transported to the ’50s as soon as you get inside. No kidding, Mexico City is an outstanding time machine. Burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, ice cream and brownies, oh my. Everything is delicious here. But the best thing about Barracuda? It’s open 24/7/365, making it a perfect place for munchies after partying.

Merendero Fuente de Sodas

3. Merendero Fuente de Sodas

There are several Merendero Fuente de Sodas around the city, but we suggest you go to the newest location for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The burgers named after ’50s stars are a must-try. The biggest hit is the Pedro Infante. This delicious burger has manchego and cheddar cheese on top of your patty, plus onion rings. This place updates its menu often. Now they have Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy milk shakes as part of the menu.

Don’t forget to order the cornbread cake with cheese for dessert. Bathed in eggnog and coconut milk, this dish is divine.

Pizza Del Perro Negro

4. Pizza Del Perro Negro

This place is different from the ones above. Pizza Del Perro Negro plays great rock music and lets customers live like if there is no tomorrow.

Pizza Del Perro Negro is famous for its pizzas. And they’re not just any pizzas — celebrities flock here to sample the dishes. Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, Foreigner, Lacrimosa, Guillermo del Toro, Hello Seahorse, Therion, The Sounds and Austin TV all have eaten here before.

This place also has pizza based on the Mexican staple Chilaquiles on its menu for the die-hard fans. The ingredients are as rich and diverse as you can imagine. Mac & cheese, burgers, buffalo chicken, falafel, stuffed chilis and nachos are all available for your pizza. They even have a taco pizza! For beer fans, try Artesanal beers like French Bulldog or Golden Retriever. They are both animal-free and tasty AF.

Papa Guapa

5. Papa Guapa

Stuffed potatoes are this restaurant’s specialty. You can order a “Guapa” or “Guapísima” – a “Beautiful” or a “Beautifulest” at Papa Guapa.

Besides potatoes, which are the best things you can order here, the salads are equally tasty, too. The “Suprema de espinaca” is a must-try dish at Papa Guapa; it is insanely good. You also need to try a couple of local favorites: Papa Hepburn (it’s a veggie potato named after Audrey Hepburn,) and the Papa Monroe (so gorgeously prepared, just as Marilyn).

You can also watch golden-era movies while you eat. They’ll never forget legends like Elvis Presley at Papa Guapa.

Pizzería Luna Coyoacán

6. Pizzería Luna Coyoacán

Located in one of the hippest parts of Mexico City, this pizza place will keep you wanting for more.

The best food — and deal — to get: A Margarita pizza, plus Beer or a jar of Clericot for only $18 USD. For fine dining, it’s an absolute bargain.

Besides pizza, there are salads, burgers, fries, soups and pasta to try. Want to get your drink on? This place has imported and local beers. We recommend the one-liter draft beer like the Mezcal “El Diablito.” If you are in the mood for cocktails, you can’t go wrong with a margarita or mojito.

Café Passmar

7. Café Passmar

If you’re down for something casual with delicious food, this café is for you.

It’s a little tricky to see since this cafe is inside a market. Luckily, it’s on Google Maps, which makes it easy to find — that’s how you know they have delicious food.

You can get authentic Mexican food here. This place has enchiladas, chilaquiles, tacos, omelets and the best pistachio smoothie. If you want to try the crème de la crème, order the enchiladas de molé. Chicken, bathed in molé sauce with sour cream, cheese, and onions on top, this enchilada is wickedly yummy in the tummy.

Gay Mexico City Nightlife

You just need to know one thing when visiting this country: In Mexico City, WE. PARTY. A. LOT. Here are the best gay Mexico City clubs and bars.

La Purísima (La Puri)

1. La Purísima (La Puri)

This place is at the top of our gay Mexico City nightlife guide because it’s so iconic. Outside the place, there’s a framed phrase that reads “Pare de Sufrirts!!” which means “Stop Suffering!!” — but with a gay accent. Decorated in black and crimson, this place also has angels’ pictures plaster all over the walls. (Though those angels are less innocent and more porny.) The bar has a mirror wall surrounded with a Virgin of the Holy Conception statue, La Purísima. There are chairs, couches and even a pole for dancing when you’re feeling a little slutty.

In this club, they spin a wide variety of music: from old pop, circuit, house, electronic, rock and hip hop. The dance floor is big, but get there before 11 p.m. because the place gets ridiculously full Even though “La Puri” is one of the best gay places par excellence, it is straight-friendly too.

El Marrakech (“El Marra”)

2. El Marrakech (“El Marra”)

El Marra is another popular LGBT bar, directly in front of La Purísima. These two places are the most fun places in our gay Mexico City nightlife guide. The perfect place if you want to dance to pop hits or cumbia. The music played here is quite eclectic.

Drinks are cheap, and there’s no cover charge. This bar is an excellent choice if you don’t want to spend much money. El Marra is an inclusive bar, though it’s become more famous within the LGBT community because it doesn’t cost a lot of money to have fun.

Teatro Garibaldi

3. Teatro Garibaldi

At Teatro Garibaldi, you can order bottle service for $35 to $52 USD while partying with your friends and watching go-go boys dance. They may not be the hottest dancers in the world but they put on an excellent show.

If you love drag queens singing ’80s hits, especially songs to get you singing along, Teatro Garibaldi is the place.

The cover is less than $3 USD which includes access to a dark room. It may be small, but it’s fun. If you don’t have condoms with you, the staff will supply them so you can practice safe sex.


4. Envy

Probably the most expensive LGBT place you can go to in this gay Mexico City nightlife guide — but the best as well. Envy is only open on Fridays. This bar is small, but there’s plenty of room to socialize. You definitely won’t feel suffocated in this intimate space.

Envy plays 100% pop music — mostly remixes. The average patron is in his 20s or early 30s. You’ll need to dress up for this place, so put on your best clothes. Go classy and elegant. If you go casual like wearing sneakers, you won’t get in — and the bouncers are rude if you make a scene.

If you want a table, you’ll need to get bottle service. The price depends on the number of friends you have in your party — typically ranging from $55 – $82 USD (with four big sodas included).


5. Guilt

Guilt is Envy’s sister bar — the same management, but only open on Saturdays. Guilt is in Polanco (the fancy area in gay Mexico City nightlife). You pay a cover for going in, and it costs about $17 – $18 USD, which is rather pricey. Drinks are usually about $7 USD. We recommend you use cash at Guilt as the wait staff usually charges a premium to use credit cards.

Other than paying American prices, it is a hip place to hang out with friends. There are two dance floors to party. You’ll feel safe here, though it’s not gay enough to make straight guys uncomfortable.


6. Kinky

Located in Zona Rosa, the gay neighborhood and the heart of the gay Mexico City nightlife, this bar offers three different concepts on two floors: A neo-canteen, karaoke, and a big terrace with a magnificent view of Paseo de la Reforma.

All the bartenders are models and damn, they look good. The cover is $8.90 USD and drinks are cheap. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are go-go boys dancing to the rhythm of English and Spanish pop songs. There is no smoking inside, but smokers can hang out on the terrace.

Start your night at Kinky. This bar gets super busy later at night — after midnight, you can barely move. However, the place is fun with a sexy, friendly staff.

Tom’s Leather Bar

7. Tom’s Leather Bar

You cannot miss this place! The gay Mexico City nightlife has a leather bar and it’s a great place to let yourself go. Tom’s Leather Bar charges $10 USD for cover — but the cover includes two beers, so it’s not so bad.

It’s open Tuesday to Sunday, but Tuesdays and Saturdays are the best days to go there to check out the go-go boys. They are smoking hot, totally furry and dance well. Best. Show. Ever.

The music list goes from the most recent hits to opera, from electronic music to Broadway hits! Honestly, every night is a surprise when you are at Tom’s.

Finally, there’s only one inconvenience for the ladies: Tom’s is men-only.

Tell us what do you think about this gay Mexico City nightlife guide. Have you been to some of these places?

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