A Gay Moroccan YouTuber Was Attacked When a Famous Filmmaker Told Fans to Rape Him

A Gay Moroccan YouTuber Was Attacked When a Famous Filmmaker Told Fans to Rape Him

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On Tuesday, Moroccan filmmaker Mahmoud Frites made a Facebook post about popular YouTuber Adam “Adouma” Lhlou.

Frites’ post says “I do not understand those who rape donkeys, people with special needs, elderly people, babies, and children but don’t rape people who not only dream of being raped but who are also willing to pay to be raped.”

Though later Frites posted that he was merely joking — saying “After having been the target of lively criticism, from homosexuals and people who encourage homosexuality, excuse me for having written that post even if I was joking.” — three days later, on Friday, Lhlou was attacked by three men.

The attackers hit Lhlou in the face and neck. They also tore his clothes and threatened to kill him. The assault stopped when taxi driver helped Lhlou.

Lhlou posted photos of his injuries:

تعرضت الى اعتداء بعد ان قام شبح مخرج بدعوة الناس الى اغتصابي عوض اغتصاب فتاة الطوبيس و حمارة سيدي قاسم حسب قوله انا مستع…

Posted by Adam Lhlou on Friday, August 25, 2017

Lhlou’s post reads:


“I was attacked after the ghost of a director called on people to rape me, as he said I am willing to pay money in exchange for being raped! Today, I say to you, Mr. Frites, congratulations, you have achieved your desire. You are, according to your own words, a director, a fighter, an artist. But you are just an abstraction of humanity, and you are a terrorist disguised as a watchman.

“I ask human rights organizations to ask everyone who loves me to attack this creature. I do not want to rape if we were in Europe, you would be held accountable and punished for doing so. I demand banners against rape. I demand your votes with my voice. We say yes. We have the right to life despite differences. Our colors and our Dinats are all one vote Yes for life!”

Frites responded, in French, to journalist Daniel Conrad, saying he was misunderstood.

Frites says:


“Excuse to tell you that you have misunderstood my status on rape. I, as a director, respect the privacy of people. And I respect their choice to be gay. I have no right to criticize their ways of life. But in my status you shared on your facebook page I speak of a gay man who lives in tangier and makes and shares videos that contain vulgar words to excite young boys.

“And in my status I just wanted to say that there are people who admit to be willfully violated and that they can even pay for it. And of course I speak of some gay men, not all gay men. I already work with gay actors, and I like to have this kind of characters in my movies. They are nice and do no harm to anyone. I hope that my answer is clear and clear.

“And next time try to understand before judging and insulting people for free. And beware of Moroccan journalists. Do not believe them they are true liars.

“Good night”

Or in shorter words — it’s another non-apology, where he blames both the victim, and the news for reporting on it.

Frites removed his original posts.

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