The Arrest and Persecution of Gay Men in Indonesia Must End

The Arrest and Persecution of Gay Men in Indonesia Must End

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The government in Indonesia continues to arrest and charge gay men around the country. Most recently, the police arrested 141 men at a sauna in Jakarta on charges of violating the country’s pornography law. This is not the first arrest and we fear it won’t be the last. Gay men are coming under attack and their rights are being violated. This must end.

Hornet app is proud to partner with Alturi in helping raise funds for Arus Pelangi. Arus Pelangi strives to create a higher level of equality and respect for LGBT in Indonesia, and to increase an overall awareness of the rights of the LGBT communities as human beings and citizens. When these sort of events occur organizations on the ground become a lifeline to those in need.

We are strongly committed to the safety and security of our community of users in Indonesia. Hornet continues to provide our community of users in the region with useful information and resources. We are working with international partners to connect men with efforts to protect their rights and provide legal services.

The arrest in Jakarta is particularly disturbing because it happened at a sauna. Saunas have traditionally been a safe space where gay men can make connections with one another, especially when they don’t have the luxury of privacy in their own homes. This arrest comes on the heels of two recent high profile human rights violation- a raid of a gay party that resulted in the authorities forcing those arrested to undergo HIV testing and the sentencing of 2 men to caning for having gay sex. The cruelty exhibited by authorities in Indonesia demonstrate how critical the respect for LGBT rights are.

“Hornet represents 20 million gay men who do not have full equality, and while our community is threatened, we will stand up and work in smart ways to be counted and not allow attempts to make us invisible. It is equally important we take proactive steps and not merely promote feel good petitions but actually work with institutions that have protocols in place to handle these kinds of bullies and tyrants. We have to do more to support users in the region,” said Hornet President Sean Howell.

We stand in solidarity with all LGBTQ Indonesians as they pursue a life of dignity, justice, and equality. LGBT people everywhere have the right to live free and equal. The events in Indonesia require a response from our communities and leaders around the world who are committed to protecting and defending LGBT rights. Gay men in Indonesia don’t have to endure this crisis alone.

Will you help?

Your tax-deductible donation will be of great help to those need.

Donate to Alturi or Arus Pelangi Today. Please share widely. Time is short and the need is great.

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