Gay Republican Fights to Revoke Mormon Church’s Tax-Exempt Status

Gay Republican Fights to Revoke Mormon Church’s Tax-Exempt Status

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In case you hadn’t heard, the Mormon church is very anti-LGBT (almost as much as the Catholic church, if not more so). It thinks LGBT-identity isn’t a sin, but acting on it is. They expect LGBT Mormons to heterosexually marry or remain celibate for life. And if LGBT Mormons do get same-sex married, the church will kick them out and refuse to baptize their kids unless their kids disavow their relationship.

The Utah-based Church has a history of electrocuting gay/bi men’s genitals to turn them straight and was also the largest organizer behind Prop 8, a 2008 ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage across California. And it’s this last item that angers gay Republican Fred Karger.

Karger — an activist most famously known for his doomed-to-fail 2012 Republican candidacy — has reportedly “amassed a network of lawyers, researchers, investigators and like-minded… to build ‘the biggest, loudest and most comprehensive’ legal case ever mounted for revoking the tax-exempt status of the Mormon church.”

In addition to amassing LGBT Mormons for “media-blitz” of videos describing the church’s numerous harms, Karger has also set up a website ( to encourage Mormon whistleblowers to share tales of church political involvement.

While federal IRS tax law requires churches and non-profits to stay neutral in political battles, they don’t. In fact, no group has lost their tax-exempt status since 1978, making Karger’s quest a long-shot. Nonetheless, it might increase public attention on the church’s ungodly principles and save a few lives in the process by teaching LGBT Mormons that they’re not alone.

To that end, it’s also worth mentioning that LGBTQ activists in the town of Provo, Utah will open an LGBTQ sanctuary 500 feet from a local Mormon temple in February 2017.


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