Gay Rugby Player Proposes to His Boyfriend at London Pride (Video)

Gay Rugby Player Proposes to His Boyfriend at London Pride (Video)

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Get ready to get the tissues out for this. A gay rugby player proposed to his boyfriend during the London Pride Parade this weekend. Thankfully for us, the adorable moment was caught on tape.

Fernando Ferreira was marching in Saturday’s Pride in London parade when he began an emotional proposal to his partner Greg Woodford. Ferreira was taking part in the procession with Kings Cross Steelers RFC, which was founded in 1995 as the first ever gay inclusive rugby club.

In the video, the team looks like they’re going to perform a line-out, but at the last moment, Fernando walks up to his boyfriend in the crowd. After Ferreira gets down one knee, the watching crowd roars as an overwhelmed and emotional Woodford quickly accepts his boyfriend’s proposal.

The Kings Cross Steelers posted the video on their Facebook page with the caption: “He said yes! #LoveHappensHere #PrideInLondon.”

Friend Jessica Rancie said, “I bawled my eyes out watching this Greg! Congratulations! I’m so, so happy for you.”

Gary Chandler adds: “Congratulations guys, was truly amazing being a part of the crowd and witnessing your amazing memory. Any of the other lads need a BF?”

Over 27,000 revelers took to London’s streets on Saturday in support of the LGBT community. The parade marked 50 years since homosexuality was legalized in the United Kingdom, and the 45th anniversary of the Pride London campaign. This year’s theme was “Love Happens Here”, and Mayor Sadiq Khan told crowds that the colorful celebrations were the “best antidote” to the tragedy that has fallen upon the capital in recent weeks, namely the June 2017 Finsbury terror attack.

“You know what the best antidote to sorrow, the best antidote to sadness, to bereavement, to hatred, is Pride in London,” Kahn told the crowds in Trafalgar Square.

“We must stamp out homophobic bullying in schools and drive down homophobic and transphobic hate crimes,” Prime Minister Theresa May stated in a video message.

Watch the adorable gay rugby proposal below:

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