Gay Seattle Tattoo Shop Owner Targeted with Pro-Trump Death Threat

Gay Seattle Tattoo Shop Owner Targeted with Pro-Trump Death Threat

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A gay tattoo shop owner in Seattle received an anti-gay, pro-Trump threat last November.

King 5 writes:

“I’ve never had to hide for one minute who I was in this neighborhood,” said Aaron Amundsen, co-owner of Emerald City Tattoo and Supply in the Lake City neighborhood.

One morning, a week after the election, his business partner, Tony Johns, found a note on Amundsen’s windshield.

“I saw there was a note on my best friend’s car,” said Johns, “So I walked up and I pulled it out from under there and I read it. I came in, and I was quite upset.”

“This is the start of something really ugly,” Johns remembered thinking. “It broke my heart, it truly broke my heart.”

The note said:

Hey faggot—

We won, so you better watch youre back. You’re days are numberd. Make America STRAIGHT again to make it GREAT again. You will see you cocksucker.

Hate crimes and bullying incidents have jumped since Trump’s election.

In response to the threat, Seattle Police are planning a discussion.


(Header image via Flickr user K-Screen Shots)

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