A Gay Son and His Trump-Supporting Father Talk Politics (Video)

A Gay Son and His Trump-Supporting Father Talk Politics (Video)

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This is probably a scene you know all too well. This video tugs on our heart strings hard so it is worth the watch.

The New York Times profiles three sets of parents and children who have opposing political views. One daughter voted for Clinton while her mother voted for “Christian Donald Trump.” Another college student supports Trump, while her father is a vocal liberal. The third pair is a gay son and his father who once worked for Trump back in the 1980’s and is still to this day a supporter of his.

Many people, especially those in the LGBT community, have to deal with family members vocally supporting a more conservative candidate. With our rights possibly on the line, this makes us feel alienated by the same people we love deeply and who say they love us deeply in return.

The video shows each pair discussing their differences on the phone. The heartbreaking feels come when Russell Barufi Sr. begins to talk of his son. He sweetly praises him for his knowledge of policy and the economy.

Barufi Jr. asks, “Do you feel like you respect my opinions or take on things?”

“I don’t know of anyone that I respect more,” his father responds. “You just have a way of plotting the information. understanding where you are and projecting that better than anybody else that I know.”

“Hate crimes are up by some like – tremendous factor,” Barufi Jr. responds later. “I don’t understand why we can’t get to a point where we can’t acknowledge together that something is different and it is troubling.”

“What is happening there is he is stirring the pot,” Barufi Sr. answers. “I don’t want to make light of things you are saying because what you are saying is absolutely true. OK? But he is stirring the pot and I think we need to stir the pot and I think he is the guy that is going to do it.”

Even though they may disagree on politics, one thing still stands between all of these pairs of parents and their children: they love each other.

“I love my son. He is a gay male. He is a fantastic human being,” Barufi Sr. says.

Watch the touching clip below:

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