Boston St. Patrick’s Parade: Governor and Mayor Will Boycott If Gay Vets Can’t March

Boston St. Patrick’s Parade: Governor and Mayor Will Boycott If Gay Vets Can’t March

Written by R. S. Benedict on March 10, 2017
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Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh are threatening to boycott Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade after organizers banned a gay veterans’ group from participating.

The group, OutVets, has been able to march in the annual parade for the past two years. But for some reason, they were denied entry this year. In a Facebook post, OutVets wrote, “The Council did not give a clear reason, but, given the tenor of the Council’s deliberations, one can assume it’s because we are LGBTQ.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, quoted in WCVB, said he would not participate in this year’s parade unless the council changed its mind. “I will not tolerate discrimination in our city of any form. We are one Boston, which means we are a fully inclusive city. I will not be marching in the parade unless this is resolved,” he said.

Gov. Charlie Baker also threatened a boycott, saying, “The idea that we would restrict the opportunity for men and women who put on that uniform, knowing full well they could put themselves in harm’s way, and deny them an opportunity to march in a parade that’s about celebrating veterans doesn’t make any sense to me.”

The council claimed the ban was because the patch on the OutVets uniforms, which features a rainbow flag, violates parade regulations.

The council is expected to take a second vote on the matter this evening.


(Header image via Facebook)

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