This Year’s Gaggle of Gay Trump-Supporting Fame Whores Really Is the Worst

This Year’s Gaggle of Gay Trump-Supporting Fame Whores Really Is the Worst

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One of the saddest legacies to come out of 2017 would have to be the birth of fame-whorey gay Trump supporters.

At the top of that list sits former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulosbut there are many more than him. So many who rose to prominence this year solely because they became queer voices supporting Donald Trump and his administration. While we hated fueling the fire of their fame with our own coverage, it seemed just as problematic not to call them out on their bullshit. 

Let’s take a look at some of 2017’s worst offenders.

There was Elaine Lancaster, the drag queen from Miami who went on CNN to voice support for Trump. He told us in July, “I was fired from emceeing this year’s Gay Pride Main stage [in South Florida], which I had done for the previous three years,” and a “lucrative liquor endorsement” was rescinded.

Lancaster also told us, “If [Trump] does anything anti-LGBT, I will be the first person to go to D.C. and protest,” though we haven’t heard any protest rallying calls from him yet.

Then there was Lucian Wintrich, the blogger and founder of “Twinks For Trump” who in March claimed a Fox News reporter physically assaulted him at the White House. More recently he was arrested after forcibly grabbing a woman at one of his speeches.

We also can’t forget Edie DePooter-Dixon, a transgender woman who told The Blaze that, like Trump, she didn’t think transgender people should serve in the military.

Conservatives are embracing these gay Trump supporters as pariahs. Doing so leads them to cite these queer people’s support as proof their policies are not actually homophobic or transphobic (when, really, they are).

And then there’s Chadwick Moore.

He made a name for himself as the journalist who profiled Yiannopoulos for Out magazine in 2016. That turned out to be the assignment that tarnished his career forevermore, the interview lambasted as a puff piece. As Gabriel Arana describes the profile in a piece for Mic, “Rather than take the white nationalist icon to task, Out treated Yiannopoulos to a lifestyle piece, accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek photo series of the subject in a clown costume as well as in drag.”

After being taken to task, Moore “came out” as conservative in a nauseating op-ed piece for The New York Post.

I’m giving this fake and phony the honor of leading this pack of LGBT fame whores because I know him personally, and I was there when he cried on election night because Trump won. Now, a year later, he has seemingly discovered that taking an alt-right position may get him bigger paychecks from Peter Thiel and more Twitter followers in the form of Trump’s America trolls.

Moore joins Tucker Carlson on Fox News, where he has spouted lies and bashed gays for liking pop music and going to the beach. He posts on social media that children transitioning genders is child abuse (despite claiming he knew he was homosexual as a minor), and Moore enjoys using the term “bottom” as an insult against those who disagree with him on Twitter.

Chadwick Moore is currently basking in the glow of his 15 minutes, the problem being he has nowhere else to go. The base he supports still hates gays, and — to be blunt — Moore still sucks cock. Rabid conservatives will keep him as their pocket gay and talking head, called to weigh-in on “gay issues” like Kevin Spacey, but never anything more than that.

Once the paychecks stop coming from his conservative sugar daddies at Fox News, perhaps he’ll attempt to play this whole thing off as some social experiment or immersive journalistic pursuit. 

Unfortunately for him and all gay Trump supporters, the LGBT community doesn’t forget so easily.


Alexander Kacala has been an active and engaged voice in LGBT media since January 2013, when he began working for G Philly. Since, he’s contributed to The Philadelphia Inquirer,, Philadelphia magazine, NewNowNext, Metro U.S., and In 2015, he served as Editor-in-Chief of New York’s iconic Next magazine. As a Senior Editor at Hornet, he specializes in creating content about New York City, dating, sex, pop culture and travel.

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