These 25 Adorable Instagrams Celebrate Gay Uncles Day With Lots of Love and Cuteness

These 25 Adorable Instagrams Celebrate Gay Uncles Day With Lots of Love and Cuteness

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Gay Uncles Day may be our new favorite national holiday. The second Sunday in August, the campaign began last year when Florida based C.J. Hatter created the campaign that went viral.

It’s now an annual tradition. Social media was flooded yesterday and today with lots of love and cuteness. Guncles (gay uncles) and the family members who love them shared their love for each other across the world.

Hatter opted to create the campaign to reclaim queer history, as he noticed that many fatherless ancestors of his family were probably gay and in the closet.

“Families seldom discuss, as recently as the current generation, these unrecognized characters who contribute significantly to the family, though usually not by extending their own branch of the tree,” Hatter told Gay Star News.

He continues: “I want society to stop turning away from LGBT through simple ignorance. I want our contributions to the extended family to be not only recognized, but celebrated. I want parents to stop being hesitant to acknowledge that Uncle Johnny is gay, and that he is nevertheless an integral part of the family.”

“Throughout human history, gay men have been the family historians, the educators of children, the people relied upon to archive and maintain family lore,” Hatter says. “They’ve been the ad hoc caregivers/foster parents to the offspring of deceased members of their tribes.”

“I want us to not only be relatives of, but relatable to, future generations. This can only happen if we are fully recognized and accepted as members of the family unit.”

Instagram was full of beautiful moments featuring guncles sharing the day with their nieces and nephews. Some photos were posted on Sunday, as people celebrated the day that was intended. Others continued the tradition of August 14, celebrating Gay Uncles Day today on social media.

Whether yesterday or today, we love the new tradition on the calendar. So enjoy these 25 adorable Instagrams that show just how important gay uncles are to their families.

Here are 25 adorable Instagrams celebrating Gay Uncles Day:

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