We Can’t Decide What We Think of These Shirtless Weightlifters Simulating Gay Sex in the Snow (Video)

We Can’t Decide What We Think of These Shirtless Weightlifters Simulating Gay Sex in the Snow (Video)

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The website Powerlifting Motivation provides “powerlifting news and entertainment” for fans who enjoy watching jocks squat, bench press and deadlift the heaviest weights possible. One of the site’s most recent entertainment offerings is a seemingly gay weightlifting video of shirtless muscle men simulating gay sex while lifting weights in the snow, and we’re not quite sure what we think of it.

In the video, three different shirtless men hold each other in the snow; lift weights while standing butt-to-butt and crotch-to-butt; and, in two scenes, lift weights while burying their faces into each other’s crotches.

We’re not entirely sure whether we feel more turned on by their intensely homoerotic antics or offended by the fact that it feels like they’re using gay sex for cheap laughs while also pandering to gay audiences. Either way, we’ve decided to go with turned on.


Here is that seemingly gay weightlifting video:

Also, we’re not weightlifting experts, but some of the actions in the video seem pretty dangerous. We’re pretty sure you’re not supposed to jump on someone’s back when they’re busy deadlifting. You’re also probably not supposed to set your crotch right above a guy’s face and start shoving on his weight during a bench press. That could cause a muscle injury … or a boner.

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The video is obviously just for laughs, but its homoeroticism may point to a growing comfort among men for public displays of same-sex intimacy, something that used to be more common among men in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Jane Ward, author of the 2015 book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, says that increasing comfort with gay men may have made straight guys more comfortable flirting with one another.

Indeed, Powerlifting Motivation isn’t the only outlet using homoeroticism for views and press. Birddogs Shorts is also using an intensely homoerotic video to sell their wares.

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