Gay Wrestling Pics: 16 Moments Exploring the Sport’s Homoerotic Side

Gay Wrestling Pics: 16 Moments Exploring the Sport’s Homoerotic Side

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Wrestling pics are hot AF. So much so, we got to wondering — who needs gay porn when you can just Google “gay wrestling”? What you find is basically one step away and tends to be even hotter than porn in some instances.

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So, we gathered 16 wrestling moments and paired them with a homoerotic quote that could totally be happening during these pictures. A gay boy can dream, can’t he?

Enjoy these handpicked gay wrestling pics and GIFs:

1. “You don’t really look like your pic, but whatever, you’re here.”

2. “I swear this move looked easier on PornHub.”

3. “Next?”

4. “Next?”

5. “Wait, is he trying to get his whole fist up there?”

6. “You should have spit on it first.”

7. “Just pretend it’s chocolate ice cream.”

8. “One in the hole!”

9. “That’s the spot.”

10. “I swear this move looked a lot easier on PornHub.”

11. “Honey? Oh, we’re just having some man to man locker room talk.”

12. “Try more poppers! We can do this.”

13. “You’re supposed to take the singlet off before we tried this position.”

14. “Oh, that’s what you meant when you wrote, “Into teeth.”

15. “You’re still gonna need more lube.”

16. “I know we just met, but I feel like I’ve known you my entire life.”

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