gays against guns rally
gays against guns rally

Following the Vegas Massacre, This Gay Group Is Gunning for the NRA as a ‘Terrorist Organization’

At a Gays Against Guns rally in New York City, Hornet spoke with attendees about the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Gays Against Guns is an “inclusive direct action group of LGBTQ people and their allies committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industry’s chain of death — investors, manufacturers, the NRA (National Rifle Association) and politicians who block strong gun laws.”

Last night, the LGBTQ group staged a rally in protest of the brutal mass shooting that occurred Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hornet was there on the scene, and we talked with Terry Roethlein, communications manager for the New York chapter of the national organization.

Roethlein told us at the Gays Against Guns rally, “This is just the latest massacre in a series that’s going to keep hitting the United States of America because we live in a country that’s unfortunately ruled by money and ruled by bad political pull in Congress and in the White House.”

“You’ll notice in the press there’s been these mentions that the shooter was a ‘lone wolf shooter’ and not tied to any terror group,” he continued. “We’re biting back against that. We’re saying there’s plenty of ‘lone wolves’ out there. There’s plenty of people out there who can pick up a gun and do what he’s done. That never changes. The problem is our extremely dangerous gun laws.”

“And as far as the part of him not being part of a terror organization, we’d like to say there actually is a terrorist organization involved here: the NRA. The NRA has for years constantly undone any sensible gun legislation, has funded the opposite and has put many dangerous gun laws which permit any person [to acquire a gun], not necessarily the mentally unstable, someone who is just angry or has a grudge. We’re not talking about people’s mental states, we’re talking about accessibility to guns that can do mass murder…. not machine guns, but automatic weapons.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Milk was also there. “I am here today at Gays Against Gun in New York honoring the victims of the Las Vegas massacre,” he told us. “This is such an important thing to come out to because change still hasn’t been made. Yeah… we can say stuff in 140 characters or less, but we have to get our physical bodies out and be present and resist and make change happen.”

Watch our video of the Gays Against Guns rally here:

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