‘Gays for Trump’ Throw MAGA Mega Rally and Hardly Anyone Shows Up

‘Gays for Trump’ Throw MAGA Mega Rally and Hardly Anyone Shows Up

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The organization Gays for Trump organized a Make America Great Again Free Speech Rally. It took place on the National Mall near the White House on Saturday, July 1.

Only nobody really came.

“MAGAMEGA LLC, a grassroots pro-American organization, announces a MAGA MEGA Rally celebrating those who stand for America, go against the grain or are making a difference and are eager to celebrate the Nation’s birthday the Saturday prior to July 4th,” an official statement announced.

The statement also said: “This is a free event for all American’s who wish to promote their love for their country and their love for freedom.”

Transformational Speaker Dr. Lisa Christiansen and EDM Recording artist Kaya Jones accepted invitations to speak at the event.

The Washington Blade initially reports:

Peter Boykin, who founded Gays for Trump during the 2016 presidential election campaign, said the July 1 rally on the Mall would be a non-partisan celebration of the Make America Great Again theme, which he said would help make the country a better place to live for “everyone, gay, straight, black, white – everyone.”

He said that to him and others working with him on the July rally, “Make America Great Again is more than a political slogan. It is a way of life.”

Boykin said that although those expected to speak at the rally will be mostly conservative activists, including LGBT people, who support President Donald Trump, there will be an “open mic” period in which anyone who attends can speak.

GoFundMe was started to raise funds for the rally. It raised $150. That is $1,850 short of its $2,000 goal.

Well, today was the big day! A photographer from The Washington Blade shared a pic of the rally Saturday, showing an extremely poor turnout.

We count 15 people in the pic, including the speaker:

Here is some video:

Here is some more video of an awkward rap:

Boykin and Viktoria L Colvin founded the company MAGAMEGA LLC. Their mission is, “to support and ensure True Freedom of Speech” and “bring fun and excitement into American activism through events.”

The MAGA MEGA Rally is a prequel to the MAGA Awards on September 1st and 2nd where there are more than 215 nominees. The MAGA Awards event will “offer a variety of speakers, performers or presenters ranging from community organizations, the entertainment industry, politics, the media and mainstream society.”

This is us after reading the words “mainstream society:”

When asked to comment on today’s event, Peter Boykin responded to us, “Sigh.”

Finally something we all can agree on.

UPDATE: After seeing our article, Peter Boykin reached out. He would like for this video to be his comment on the rally:


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