17 Men on Instagram Who Offer Up Stunning Genderless Lewks to the Masses Drag

17 Men on Instagram Who Offer Up Stunning Genderless Lewks to the Masses

Written by Zachary Zane on October 12, 2017
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There’s drag, and then there are lewks, hunty. A drag queen is, well, a drag queen. I’m assuming you know that means female impersonation, often with exaggerated mannerisms, voices, sass, makeup, costumes and all around tomfoolery.

“Lewks,” on the other hand, are more diverse. They range from dressing up like horrific monsters (as in the Boulet Brothers’ web series Dragula) to dressing up like genderless, intergalactic space creatures. But lewks don’t always have to be crazy and genderless. You can of course be a man who does “boy lewks.”

Lewks that aren’t focused specifically on female impersonation — genderless lewks — may indeed be the future of drag.

A prime example of this is Sasha Velour, the winner of this past season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Velour’s lewks are absolutely stunning, and her lip syncing skills incredible. Nevertheless, I don’t think a queen like her could have won during the show’s inception nearly a decade ago. She would have been deemed too “weird” and “different.” I believe her creativity and artistry would have likely been overlooked.

genderless lewks trinity taylor

But now the weirdos of drag are having their damn heyday, coming up in mainstream drag. Also in this past season of Drag Race, there was a club kid couture challenge, where the queens gave their fiercest club kid runway lewk. There we got to see a different side of queens like Trinity Taylor, who typically pulls incredibly fishy lewks. In this challenge, her club kid lewk (in my humble opinion) was by far the best and revealed a new and brilliant side to her artistry as a drag performer. (FYI, this was also the infamous episode where Valentina refused to take off her mask during the lip sync.)

So here are 17 queer men on Instagram who are part of the drag revolution. They are pulling some of the most incredible genderless lewks out there. You will def want to follow them!


1. Matte Finish

??Here comes Peter Cotton Tail??// ?: @santiagraphy // ?: @patrickchurchstudio

A post shared by Matte Finish (@matte_only) on

2. Axel Andrews

3. Finn Love

Staring into ur soul ? @gloriaslondon then @stevie.wonderland ? ?

A post shared by FINN L❤️VE (@finnbarlove) on

❤️ Throw wayyy back to messy make up ?but a nice picture by @hollyfalconer for @refinery29uk ❤️

A post shared by FINN L❤️VE (@finnbarlove) on

4. Luke Harris

#LukesLyka @blkarmstron Illustration #BirthdayWeekend #KAOS #BirthdayClown #ClubKid #MenInMakeup #BLKArmstron

A post shared by Luke Harris #LukesLyka (@lukeylah) on

5. Marco Punk

M.O.N.D.A.Y off… #Marcopunk,#Performance,#Art,#LuxuriousBizarreBoy,#Glam,#Dark,#Punk

A post shared by MARCOPUNK (@marcopunkkk) on

6. Cheddar Gorgeous

#manchesterqueens #drag #art #artist #gorgeous #me #transformation #gorgeous #Beauty #glamour #makeup #fashion #extra #gold

A post shared by Cheddar Gorgeous (@cheddar_gorgeous) on

7. Ryan Burke

A post shared by Ryan Burke (@ryburk) on


A post shared by Ryan Burke (@ryburk) on

8. CT

CHICAGO !! Meet me and the kids TONIGHT at #queen for @danpolyak

A post shared by CT Hedden (@thectct) on

9. Ryan Welch

10. Jordan Stawecki

Good luck today @palomospain sending my love ❣️?

A post shared by Jordan Stawecki (@staweckix) on

Had the best time London ?? so excited to get home, you ready for me NYC? ❣??

A post shared by Jordan Stawecki (@staweckix) on

11. Zachary Zane

12. Joshua Hubbard

Having a moment

A post shared by Joshua Hubbard (@jjoshuahubbardd) on

Ready for @klubkids_uk in Amsterdam @thehouseofdecay

A post shared by Joshua Hubbard (@jjoshuahubbardd) on

13. Hungry

axolotl emoji. #isshehungry

A post shared by Hungry (@isshehungry) on

14. Kasey Ruiz/Zane-X

April showers…..

A post shared by Kasey Ruiz / Zane-X (@thezanex) on

15. Rify Royalty

???❤️ — ? @viktorbelmont Headpiece @danielvile ? @patmcgrathreal #darkstar006 #rifyroyalty

A post shared by Rify Royalty (@rify_royalty) on

??‍✈️ See you at #onTopNyc @bartschland #rifyroyalty ? @kbrrrtolli

A post shared by Rify Royalty (@rify_royalty) on

16. Phallic Cunt

<^> ?: @florencialechin ??? LOOK ENTIRELY BY ME <^> . . . . . . #PHALLICCUNT #DRAGQUEEN #CLUBKID #GAY #QUEER #GAYBOY

A post shared by PHALLIC CUNT (@alecgunnarblunt) on

17. Eggz Benedict

Hairrrrr ? photo by @mike3sullivan #angryhair #face #eggzbenedict

A post shared by EGGZ BENEDICT? (@eggzbenedictt) on


Featured image of @rify_royalty

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