George Clooney Is Related To Famous Vampire Hunter, Abraham Lincoln!

George Clooney Is Related To Famous Vampire Hunter, Abraham Lincoln!

Be first to like this. finds lots of weird shit when climbing famous people’s family trees; like when they discovered that Avril Lavinge, Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling are all related. This time around, they’ve found that George Clooney is related to a famous vampire hunter known as Abraham Lincoln — that’s what Lincoln is primarily known for, right?

According to the genealogical site, “The family bloodline for both notable figures links to Lincoln’s maternal grandmother Lucy Hanks. Due to this common ancestor, Clooney is Lincoln’s half-first cousin five times removed.”

Basically that means that Lincoln’s g-ma made boom-chicka-bow-wow with another guy besides Lincoln’s grandpa — get it, Lucy! — and five generations after Lincoln’s, that bloodline popped-out George Clooney. When you consider how close you are to your first cousin five-times-removed, you’ll understand just how close the famous actor and vampire hunter really are.


Not only are both men known for their political work — Clooney has served as a diplomatic United Nations Messenger of Peace and raised awareness about the conflict in Darfur, Africa — but they’ve both appeared as cinematic vampire hunters: Clooney in the 1996 Robert Rodriguez vampire flick From Dusk ‘Til Dawn and Lincoln in the 2012 historical biography Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — we’re pretty sure Lincoln played himself in that film.

Apart from his legacy as the numero uno Civil War fang-slayer, Lincoln is also known for his lesser accomplishments like freeing all of America’s slaves.

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