George Takei Last Month Told Howard Stern He Gropes Guys to ‘Persuade’ Them Into Sex

George Takei Last Month Told Howard Stern He Gropes Guys to ‘Persuade’ Them Into Sex

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Star Trek actor and LGBTQ advocate George Takei was in the news this week over allegations of sexual harassment. Former model Scott Brunton accused Takei of taking advantage of him when Brunton was only 23 years old. Takei has since denied the allegations, claiming non-consensual acts are antithetical to his values, and that he doesn’t even remember Brunton. But a George Takei Howard Stern appearance from just last month hints at a different personal policy regarding non-consensual acts.

An interview with Takei on Howard Stern’s show last month pokes a few holes in Takei’s statements denying the alleged sexual misconduct. The interview begins focused on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. “The irony is, we have a man in the White House who talked about grabbing pussies. There is an irony about all of this, is there not, George?” Stern asks.

The interview then takes a turn to Takei’s sexual history. Stern asks of Takei, “All your years involved with cock, you never hassled anybody or grabbed their cock”?

Co-host Robin Quivers jumps in with a Trump reference and reiterates the question. “You never grabbed anybody by the cock?” To which Stern asks again, “Yeah, did you ever grab anybody by the cock against their will?”

Their questions are met with a very awkward radio silence from Takei before both hosts let out a long “Uh oh!”

Stern tries to lighten the situation after some awkward laughs by mentioning how it was “different times,” and then rephrases the question and asks Takei if he had ever sexually assaulted another man. Takei responds to the question by weirdly saying “Hey, boner.”

Stern once again asks Takei, “Have you?” only to be met with more uncomfortable laughs before Takei attempts to explain this convoluted idea of people who “are skittish” and that he would “persuade” them. At one point Stern jokes they may need to call the police.

Takei denies any of this ‘groping’ was work-related or done from a position of power.

Takei then says these men “would come to [his] home,” to which Stern replies, “So what you mean is that there would be some guy there, hesitating to have sex with you, and then you gave him a gentle squeeze on the balls or something?”

Takei responds, “More than a gentle.”


Check out the entire George Takei Howard Stern interview below.

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