No, George Takei Is (Unfortunately) Not Running for Congress

No, George Takei Is (Unfortunately) Not Running for Congress

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It was late Friday night, March 31, that George Takei — the openly gay actor best known for portraying Sulu in the original Star Trek series — gave the world a bit of hope for our future. Takei took to Twitter to announce that he would be running for Congress. Alas, the entire thing was an April Fool’s joke.

If you were one of the people fooled by Takei’s prank, don’t fret — even celebs as wide-ranging as Nancy Sinatra and Mark Ruffalo fell for it.

“Well, the cat’s out of the bag it seems. Let’s do this! #Takei2018,” Takei tweeted out on Friday evening. He linked to a story by The Daily Buzz in which the outlet claimed it had spoken with the actor. It was a well-hatched plan, truly:

It appears that famous duo [Takei and his husband Brad] have purchased a ranch-style home in Visalia for the express purpose: George Takei is running for Congress.

Takei told us over the phone, “Well, I guess the jig is up. With what is going on now in the country, I couldn’t stand by any longer merely as a citizen. I knew I had to take a bigger stand. So that’s why I’m running for Congress. My hope is to challenge Davin Nunes for his seat in 2018.”

Nunes is currently head of the House Intelligence Committee, and he has been under fire lately for his close ties to and actions on behalf of the Trump administration, which his committee is supposed to be investigating.

Takei continued, “I think Nunes is vulnerable. And I plan to prove that. People are tired of his ass-kissing of Trump. Can I say that? I think I can. These days you can say pretty much anything and not get in trouble. I want to be a champion for all people, but especially those whose voices are not heard often in the halls of Congress. We need to build a majority again in Congress, too, to be a check against the Trump Administration’s excesses, assuming he’s even around by then to keep making horrific mistakes.”

Mere hours after Takei’s tweet sharing the story by The Daily Buzz, he fessed up to the prank, posting a pic of himself holding a sign that read “Gotcha!”

Did you fall for Takei’s April Fool’s announcement? Like we said, if so, you weren’t alone:


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