For George Takei’s Birthday, Howard Stern Gifted Him 80 Feet of Penis (Video)

For George Takei’s Birthday, Howard Stern Gifted Him 80 Feet of Penis (Video)

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George Takei is known for memorable appearances on the Howard Stern Show. Remember when he judged “The Prettiest Penis Contest” back in 2012?

George Takei was back on The Howard Stern Show to celebrate his birthday. Since it was the Star Trek actor’s 80th, Stern delivered 80 feet of penis to celebrate. There were penises of all shapes and sizes everywhere — including on Takei’s head!

There was plenty of penis on hand as Stern welcomed the stars of the Off-Broadway show Naked Boys Singing. Takei’s eyes lit up as the young men entered the studio fully nude with the schlongs displayed proudly. Let’s just hope the AC wasn’t too strong.

“Things George are about to get really gay in here,” Howard Stern said. “Robyn, hold onto your gay hat. Now I am going to introduce you some naked men to you right now and I am going to tell you who these guys are.”

Takei was also asked to judge the balls and asses of two Howard Stern staffers.

“George, who has the better ass?” Howard asked the birthday boy.

Takei selected Richard, but told Sal it was a tough choice. They then challenged him to judge their balls.

“They both hang quite nicely,” Takei said. “Yours swings a little bit more, Sal.”

During George Takei’s Birthday Bash, the actor received a lot of gifts including a temporary crown and title from Bravo star Andy Cohen. A friend of the Stern Show as well as its official Top Gay, naturally he was called in during Takei’s extremely gay festivities. “Happy birthday, George. I love you so much,” Andy said. “I’m giving you my crown, and I’m crowning you Top Gay for the day!”

Stern Staffers Richard and Sal were standing by, readying to present Tekai with his Top Gay crown—decorated with four dildos.

For more penis heavy clips of George Takei’s birthday bash, visit here.

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