This German Video Game Wants You to Drug Donald Trump

This German Video Game Wants You to Drug Donald Trump

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A German television program called Heute Show has released a web-based video game that invites you to make America great again by shooting Donald Trump full of drugs.

The game, President Evil: A Fantastic Voyage Through Donald Trump’s Brain, is a traditional top-down shoot-em-up in the style of Galaga or Ikaruga. In the game, the player controls a little micro ship shrunken down and injected into Donald Trump’s brain. Armed with a cannon that shoots pills (presumably psychiatric medication), the player must destroy Trump’s evil thoughts (represented by guns, money, little Klansmen and poop emojis spewing from the president’s mouth) in order to cure his diseased mind.

Like any game, there are power ups. In this case, they’re healing items and weapon boosters designed after the things Trump hates: LGBTQ pride rainbows, public healthcare symbols and books.

We’re guessing the name is a tribute to the popular survival horror series Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan). And the subtitle is likely an homage to 1966’s Fantastic Voyage, a sci-fi movie about a team of scientists who shrink down to enter a man’s body.

Though President Evil is a funny little game and a nice distraction, it is also an uncomfortable reminder of how the United States has embarrassed itself with its current choice of leader. The whole world is watching us, and it clearly does not like what it sees.

President Evil: A Fantastic Voyage Through Donald Trump’s Brain is a quick, simple game that shouldn’t be difficult for shoot-em-up veterans. We got through it on the third try. Most gamers will likely beat it in under a half hour, thereby vanquishing all the cruelty and selfishness from the game show host-turned-Commander-in-Chief’s mind. If only it were that easy in real life.

Play it here.


(Featured image by Blackregis via iStock)

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