Germany Says Yes to Same-Sex Marriage After Express Vote in Parliament

Germany Says Yes to Same-Sex Marriage After Express Vote in Parliament

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Unicorn Booty reported yesterday that the Bundestag (German Parliament) was ready to vote on opening marriage to same-sex couples. Well, its done! After an express vote lasting 38 minutes, not one minute more, the German members of parliament (MPs) said yes to this flagship measure of equality.

The opening of the marriage was approved by a majority of 393 elected representatives including the following: The deputies of the three left-aligned parties represented in the lower house of Parliament, the Social Democrats, the ecologists and the radical left, joined by a bunch of the deputies of Angela Merkel’s conservative family.

But the Chancellor herself voted against same-sex marriage along with 225 other Conservative MPs. According to Merkel, marriage is the union between “a man and a woman.”

Angela, you’ll soon have to update your hard disk. For if, in all likelihood, the marriage of same-sex couples is approved by the Upper House (as it must be in a vote next week, where it is highly likely to pass), marriage will still be the union between a man and a woman, but also between two women or between two men. The law could become reality by the end of the year.

A recent gesture of Chancellor Merkel allowed this progress. She abolished a provision which mandated deputies to cast votes according to instructions of their affiliated party. Now, she said, she wanted them to vote according to their conscience.

In a recent interview, Merkel herself explained that voting was a choice of conscience. But this gesture is not without a hidden agenda. The question of marriage has also been used as a political issue in the upcoming September 24 parliamentary elections with the hopes that allowing a vote on marriage may endear voters.

If next week’s Upper House vote goes as expected, Germany will join the 20 western countries, including 13 in Europe, that have legalized marriage for same-sex couples.

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