How To Buy Tickets For Rio 2016 Olympic Events!

How To Buy Tickets For Rio 2016 Olympic Events!

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If you’re planning a trip to Rio to see the 2016 Summer Olympics, don’t forget to buy event tickets! Even though tickets went on sale back in March 2015, official ticket resellers still have tickets available for many events. In the United States, the reseller is CoSport — if you’re outside the U.S., just check the list of authorized resellers.

Even now, event prices can be quite reasonable, depending on your preferred class of ticket. The A-class are the most expensive and provide the best views. Tickets go down to E-class — though the Es are generally gone at this point. Thankfully, many D-class tickets are still available, and they can be as cheap as R$40 (about $12 US).

You can also still get tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies. The closing ceremony will set you back $306 US for the cheap seats (A-class tickets are just shy of $1,328 US.) Tickets for the opening ceremony are going fast — only B and C tickets are available, for $1,328 US and $647 US respectively.

The live sporting events are much, much cheaper. Prices depend entirely on the popularity of the sport — the swimming events are the most sought after this year. While all the synchronized swimming tickets are gone, there are still C level tickets for many of the swimming races at a cost of $82 US.

Weightlifting, however, is the cheapest: There’s A-levels still available for $51 US. Not only that, another weightlifting event has B-levels for $36US. Other cheap events include Archery (A-levels only, for $82 US), Artistic Gymnastics (B & C available, $82-$143 US), Equestrian (A-level, $51 US) and Canoe Slalom (A-Level, $51 US).

Outside of the cheapest events, you’ll most likely be looking at spending at least $150 US for tickets. They’re going fast, so act now before you’re stuck watching your least favorite sport from a long way away.

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