10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Pass-Around Party Bottom NSFW

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Pass-Around Party Bottom

Written by Daniel Villarreal on September 29, 2017
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We all have that slutty friend who is unapologetic about loving sex — hell, you might even be that slutty friend. Whether you’re giving or receiving this holiday season, here’s 10 gift ideas for stuffing more than just stockings. (NOTE: Some links are NSFW)

How to Bottom without Pain or Stains, book, gay sex, advice, man, bottoming

1. How to Bottom Without Pain or Stains

With this handy, humorous book on better bottoming, he (or she) will become a gift that keeps on giving… err, taking. $10, amazon.com

unicorn spit, donut flavored lube, lubricant, sex,2. Unicorn Spit Donut-Flavored Lube

Make mealtime fun again with this water-based, sugar-free lube, perfect for whatever you’re snackin’ on. $12, stayswetlonger.com

maximum impact, amyl nitrate, poppers, spray, can, silver

3. Aerosol Poppers

Yes, we know that poppers can cause headaches, possible vision damage and maybe even death… but they can also cause temporary euphoria and relaxed orifices, so… if you’re gonna go, go in style! $14, gay-poppers.com

Pure for Men, bottoming pills, fiber, sex. capsules

4. Pure for Men Fiber Capsules

The makers of these “100% all-natural, high-grade fiber” pills say that if you take ’em three times a day before bottoming, your “runway” will be “clear for landing” — plus, they come in a holiday bundle of six bottles for $60! $15, pureformen.com

Nasty Pig, jockstrap, muscular, sexy, hairy, muscles, man, gay

5. Nasty Pig Jockstrap

If your pal is a label whore, get them a comfy Nasty Pig jockstrap, available in a variety of colors and styles. $29, store.nastypig.com

Cleanstream, shower, douching, douche, kit, hose

6. CleanStream Shower Enema Kit

Why pay for disposable douche bulbs when you can have an easy-to-setup douching kit right in your own shower? $30, amazon.com

Mr. S, bulldog, leather, harness, man, shirtless, hairy, sexy, beaded

7. Mr. S Leather Harness

Let out your friend’s dark side with a taste of leather, perfect for a night out at The Eagle — or a night in with Sir. $100-$190, mr-s-leather.com

Bad Dragon, tentacle, monster, dildo, sex toy

8. Bad Dragon Dildo

Your pal has probably never gotten laid by a demon, werewolf or swamp wyrm before — plus they’re available in various sizes, colors and firmness… and there’s even monster-themed pocket pussies and cock-sheaths for the more adventurous! $55-$180, bad-dragon.com

Hugo, Lelo, prostate massager, sex toy, remote control

9. Remote Control Prostate Massager

Stay warm and buzzzzzing through the night; perfect for solo or dual play. $219, lelo.com

Fort Troff, sex sling

10. Rock Steady Free-Standing Sex Sling

Whether your friend frequently hosts or attends play parties, a sex-sling is this season’s must-have; plus, it’s a gift everyone can use! (Sling Bag and Sling Stand Mirror sold separately.) $399, forttroff.com

black, african-american, sex worker, selfie, shirtless, slim, muscular, slender, otter, hat, gay

BONUS GIFT: A sex worker

Show your friend (and the sex worker community) some love by purchasing them some time with a pro. $200-$5,000, rentmen.com

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