GLAAD Reinstates Outstanding Blog Award Amid Outcry

GLAAD Reinstates Outstanding Blog Award Amid Outcry

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At the end of January, Gays and Lesbians Allied Against Defamation (GLAAD) quietly removed its Outstanding Blog category from its 27th Annual Media Awards, reasoning that since big media outlets like Buzzfeed and Vice regularly cover LGBT news, there’s no need to continue honoring smaller media outlets, but as we explained this reasoning is bunk.

I and along with 18 other journalists signed an open letter to GLAAD which read in part:

The elimination of the ‘Outstanding Blog’ category implies that unless one is a celebrity or affiliated with a publication with a high profile and finances to match, you are held without regard in the LGBT media landscape, or at least as GLAAD sees it.

The letter asked GLAAD to immediately re-instate the category, and they have… or at least, they will next year. An apologetic letter just issued from GLAAD’s Vice President of Communications Seth Adams says:

Eliminating the Outstanding Blog category was an affront to the tireless efforts of those whose work has been essential to putting a spotlight on the issues LGBT people face, and which too often goes overlooked. Removing the category was wrong, and we are committed to doing better.

That’s good, though one wonders whether GLAAD will still require Outstanding Blog award recipients to pay for a $400 ticket just to attend the awards ceremony. We’re thinking yes.

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