NYC’s ‘Golden Girls’ Cafe Is Dunzo, But Here Are 5 Shows Just as Deserving of a Pop-Up

NYC’s ‘Golden Girls’ Cafe Is Dunzo, But Here Are 5 Shows Just as Deserving of a Pop-Up

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That Golden Girls cafe in New York City just closed its doors. Owner Michael J. La Rue posted a message on the cafe’s official Facebook page, accompanying a headshot of Rue McClanahan.

“Rue La Rue Café is closed,” he wrote. “We are going to process the lessons learned during the rehearsal period this last year and, hopefully, continue to provide this special experience to guests from around the world. Thank you for your love and support and, more importantly, thank you for being a friend!”

The message was signed, “Warmly, Michael J. La Rue,” as well as the “Estate of Rue McClanahan.”

While the cafe was open barely a year, it was a cute attempt at creating a special landmark honoring the iconic television series that aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992. The walls were adorned with plenty of memorabilia from the show, as well as many personal items from one of the show’s leading ladies, Rue McClanahan. The menu featured a four varieties of the show’s go-to dessert, cheesecake.

While Ru La Rue is now closed, we couldn’t help about imagine what other shows could also open a similar TV-themed eatery, much to our delight.


Here are 5 shows we’d love to see open a pop-up:

1. Friends

Could you imagine a Central Perk-themed cafe shop? One actually did open in New York back in 2014, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show’s premiere in 1994.

The very same orange couch that was featured in almost every episode, with fans taking turns to sit and have their picture taken on it.

Also other show memorabilia was displayed for fans to see, such as Monica’s engagement ring, Chandler’s wedding vows, Phoebe’s sister Ursula’s sex tape and Joey’s Soap Digest cover.

While that cafe closed just a month later, another one in Beijing is still open today.


2. Roseanne

Who wouldn’t to nosh on loose meat sandwiches?

Back in 2014, chef Jen Zavala celebrated her love of Roseanne by resuscitating the spirit of the Lanford Lunch Box in the food truck at the Garage, a popular bar in South Philadelphia.

Zavala served loose meat sandwiches, mac and cheese pancakes and Roseanne Bars: “the trashiest things I could find as a dessert,” Zavala explained.

That was a one-night-only event, but the idea is pretty stellar, especially since the show is about to make a comeback in 2018.


3. Saved By the Bell

This concept actually already exists — a Chicago pop-up called Saved by the Max enjoyed all kinds of success last year. Organizers Zack Eastman, Steve Harris and Derek Berry are pushing the party out to Bayside’s spiritual home on the West Coast in Los Angeles, with another iteration of the pop-up, complete with tons of iconography from the famed show’s diner The Max.


4. Sex and the City

There is really so much opportunity here — many food items were important plot points throughout the HBO series. The cafe could serve some fierce Chinese for dinner, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for dessert and of course, a smooth Cosmopolitan to wash it all down.


5. Bob’s Burgers

Unit 120, a Los Angeles burger joint, briefly hosted a Bob’s Burgers pop-up in November 2016. (Though honestly, it was less about the burgers, and more about the connected art show featuring work by Bob’s Burgers artists.) And during Halloween, Vancouver restaurant What’s Up? Hot Dog! went as Bob’s Burgers. But who wouldn’t want to go to Bob’s Burgers year round? After all, every (non-vegetarian) viewer’s drooled over Bob’s punny burger of the day. There’s even an official cookbook! C’mon! Make it happen!

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