GOP Legislation OK’s Discrimination Against Gays Based on Religion

GOP Legislation OK’s Discrimination Against Gays Based on Religion

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Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) makes his gay blog debut today by sponsoring an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill floating about Congress that would give homophobes permission to discriminate against LGBT servicemen and women – just so long as they were practicing religion-based hate.

Palazzo’s amendment is part of a growing trend of Christians playing the victim, claiming that bestowing equal rights to LGBT Americans somehow harms or undermines Christian beliefs. This exact argument was used during California’s Prop 8 trial, and was seen for the total crock of BS that it is.

The amendment reads in part:

The sincerely held religious or moral beliefs of a member of the Armed Forces that homosexual or bisexual conduct is immoral and/or an inappropriate expression of human sexuality according to the tenets of the member’s faith community shall be accommodated….


The Secretary of Defense shall issue regulations setting forth guidance to insure that the sincerely held religious or moral beliefs of members of the Armed Forces regarding homosexual or bisexual conduct are protected, accommodated…

Rep. Palazzo’s ignorant amendment is unlikely to pass. Jerk.

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