GOP Offended by Wisconsin Masculinity Workshop, Demands Safe Space

GOP Offended by Wisconsin Masculinity Workshop, Demands Safe Space

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Conservatives, who love to complain about hypersensitive politically correct college students trying to silence others by creating safe spaces, are freaking out over a University of Wisconsin-Madison workshop called “The Problem with Masculinity.”

Wisconsin Senator Steve Nass

The Wisconsin GOP has threatened to cut the university’s funding. Senator Steve Nass, evidently triggered by the existence of people whose opinions differ from his, whined:

Our friends at UW-Madison, not happy enough with labeling ‘whiteness’ as a societal problem, now are attacking another social ill … Men and their masculinity.

The highly paid leaders at UW-Madison now believe that Wisconsin mothers and fathers have done a poor job of raising their boys by trying to instill in them the values and characteristics necessary in becoming a Man.

What a hypersensitive baby!

The voluntary workshop “aims to explore masculinity and the problems accompanied by simplified definitions of it,” according to the university’s website.

Sam Johnson, one of the workshop’s organizers, said:

We know that men are underrepresented on campus when it comes to campus leadership roles and getting needed medical and mental health services. They’re also overrepresented in acts of violence and use of drugs and alcohol. With this program, we want to find out why this is and how we can change that culture campus-wide to encourage healthier expressions of masculinities.

That doesn’t sound like it’s attacking men at all. In fact, it sounds like a program that recognizes the challenges facing men and wants to help them.

Maybe that’s why it’s bothering Republicans. Helping people is not one of the core values of the GOP.

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