GOP Representative Wants Wisconsin’s Own Transphobic Bathroom Bill

GOP Representative Wants Wisconsin’s Own Transphobic Bathroom Bill

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Republican Wisconsin State Representative Jesse Kremer has his eye on an upcoming Supreme Court case that will decide whether public school districts must follow President Barack Obama’s guidelines allowing transgender students to use the restrooms matching their gender identity. If the Justices rule in favor of trans students, Kremer said that “he will consider bringing back a [state] bill next year that requires students to use bathrooms and changing areas that match their biological sex.”

The good news is that Wisconsin’s Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says that Kremer’s bill is unnecessary; the bad news is that Vos says it’s unnecessary because the Trump administration will likely undo any of Obama’s protections for trans students. In fact, Kremer proposed similar legislation last session, and it failed to even make it out of committee, even with a Republican-led state assembly.

But even if Trump undoes Obama’s guidelines and even if the Supreme Court decides against trans students and Kremer introduces his bill, there will still be opposition to all three—after all, there’s increasing (and strong) evidence that trans identity is inborn and that trans people need protections against public discrimination.

Wisconsin’s trans community and its allies won’t disappear just because Kremer and company want them to.

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