This GOP Senator Wants to Make It Illegal to Yell at Politicians

This GOP Senator Wants to Make It Illegal to Yell at Politicians

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In response to a glorious incident in which an angry queer mob publicly shamed transphobic trashbag Pat McCrory, a North Carolina GOP senator has cried out for a law banning people from yelling at politicians.

The lawmaker, Senator Dan Bishop, was one of the hate-mongers behind North Carolina’s infamous HB2 bathroom bill.

The News and Observer reports:

The proposed legislation would “make it a crime to threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against a present or former North Carolina official in the course of, or on account of, the performance of his or her duties,” Bishop said.

“Because lines are being crossed,” Bishop, a Republican who represents the 39th District in the North Carolina Senate, wrote in an email from his Senate campaign account.

Isn’t it funny how the guys who denounce trigger warnings, cultural sensitivity and political correctness are all crying out for a safe space?

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