Chef Gordon Ramsey Savagely Roasts His Fans’ Cooking and It’s Amazing

Chef Gordon Ramsay Savagely Roasts His Fans’ Cooking, and It’s Amazing

TV Chef Gordon Ramsay is more famous for his foul-mouthed insults than he is for his cooking.

And on his Twitter account, he cheerfully hurls abuse at his adoring fans, to their utter joy.

His fans frequently message him with pictures of dishes they’ve cooked and ask him for his opinion. He responds exactly the way he does on his shows:

But he’s only heating up. Look at this fierce response to a fan’s awful steak:

Sometimes he’s just straightforward:

Sometimes he’s absolutely brutal:

And on very rare occasions he says something nice.

More insults and pictures of amateur cooks’ terrible food can be found at Ramsay’s Twitter account.