Purchase the Man of Your Dreams at New York’s Gotham Knights Bachelor Auction Tonight

Purchase the Man of Your Dreams at New York’s Gotham Knights Bachelor Auction Tonight

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Are you a New Yorker looking for love? If so, tonight could be the night everything changes, as the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club, the city’s only gay/inclusive rugby team, hosts a bachelor auction — tonight — at the Stonewall Inn.

The team is currently ranked second nationally and fifth internationally, so if nothing else you know these guys are damn good at handling balls. But the auction, sponsored by Hornet, will help the Knights raise funds to ensure the club can travel to Amsterdam for the next Bingham Cup, the “world cup” of gay rugby, in the summer of 2018.

In addition to getting to spend time with some of the Gotham Knights’ most eligible bachelors, winners of the auctions will be treated to exciting nights out in New York City. Date packages include a wine tasting and tour for two at City Winery; a pair of tickets to a home game of the world-renowned New York City Cosmos soccer club; a pair of tickets to Villain: DeBlanks, a comedy show that is equal parts Mad Libs and Clue; and a pair of tickets to multiple Tony Award-winning hit Broadway musicals.

The team encourages everyone to attend the bachelor auction and bid on these quality guys. Get to know them a little better by reading about them below. (And a few of them you can connect with on Hornet!)


1. Richard Suarez

Neighborhood: Dirty Jerz

Describe the perfect date: Good food and good conversation

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Joe Manganiello, Jon Hamm, Paul Newman, Radamel Falcao, Pablo Alboran, Wilmer Valderrama, and the barista from the Colombian coffee shop by my block, each in their respective sequels.

One surprising thing about you: I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie.

Open or monogamous? Both.


2. Lewis Fuld

Neighborhood: Washington Heights, Manhattan

Describe the perfect date: A nice day in the city to finish with a show/movie and then a dinner.

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Seth Rogen

One surprising thing about you: I have nine siblings

Open or monogamous? Open


3. Chi (Chinedu) Azinge

Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Describe the perfect date: I really want to go to a wine pairing or a cooking class. Other than that, I’m big on surprise adventures (something active).

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Michael B Jordan

One surprising thing about you: I really wanted to be a stand-up comedian

Open or monogamous? Monogamous

4. Adam Kopchian (call me AK)

Neighborhood: Inwood / Wash Heights

Describe the perfect date: Holding hands as we stroll down the Champs Elysée to watch the sun rise.

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Chris Pratt. He has humor, looks and a sweet personality. What’s not to like?

One surprising thing about you: I used to and still love to make homemade baked desserts. Anyone up for sticky buns?

Open or monogamous? Monogamish


5. Jordan Bowens

Neighborhood: Bushwick

Describe the perfect date: Start with a simple dinner — tacos and beer — and tell me about your most embarrassing drunk story. Then go dancing. And I’m not talking bob up and down awkwardly; let’s make some real idiots of ourselves and not give a shit who sees. Leave eventually (don’t let me convince you to stay to closing, because I’ll try) to grab some late-night pizza. Food and booze win my heart.

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Chandler Bing. Not Matthew Perry but Chandler Bing and all his glory.

One surprising thing about you: I’m convinced Queen Latifah has a vendetta against me. Find out why.

Open or monogamous? Uhh, let’s see what happens.

6. David Clarke

Neighborhood: Jersey City

The Perfect Date: My perfect date would foster genuine conversation. It could be something as simple as grabbing a coffee and taking a meandering stroll through Central Park. Or it could be something like chatting over dinner and catching a thought-provoking show.

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? That’s a tough one, because I adore all of the Chrises. You know: Evans, Hemsworth, Pine and Pratt. But, at the end of the day, I’m going to have to go with John Roberts from “Bob’s Burgers” or a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal.

One surprising thing about you: There’s the #basic answers: I’m left-handed; I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Yawn, right? But, I think something people may find surprising about me is that despite my love of horror films and recently becoming a rugby player, I am extremely squeamish around blood. I can’t watch my own blood be drawn, and I rank accompanying my grandmother to a blood drive as one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.

Open or monogamous? I have mad respect for my friends who make open work for them, but I am monogamous.


7. Alex Ghinger aka McNulty

Neighborhood: Murray Hill

Describe the perfect date: Biking to Chinatown and eating pork buns

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Chris Pratt

One surprising thing about you: I’m a Sex and the City fanatic


8. Rocky Cortez

Neighborhood: Belmont

Describe the perfect date: Sitting at home watching a movie while we stuff our faces with Oreos, elotes and quesadillas

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Ryan Lochte

One surprising thing about yourself: I have an IQ 156

Open or monogamous? Monogamous

9. Brad Thorson

Neighborhood: Hells Kitchen

Describe the perfect date: Doing blow and skydiving with Kesha

Who would play your ideal match in a movie? Kieran Brookes

One surprising thing about you: I graduated undergrad in 2 years


The Gotham Knights Bachelor Auction takes place tonight — Wednesday, July 26 — 7-9 p.m. the Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher Street. More info here.


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