Grab Your Glittery Microphones! Eurovision Is Now An Actual College Class

Grab Your Glittery Microphones! Eurovision Is Now An Actual College Class

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Melbourne University freshmen students may have the opportunity to study the gaudiest contest in the universe — that’s right, the Eurovision singing competition is now a bonafide college course!

According to The Vine, second-semester freshmen at Melbourne University may add the class to supplement breadth-requirements for their degrees in biomedicine, commerce, environmental studies, music and science. Most of these have jack to do with pop music, but hey, I took a death and dying class as political science major, so there!

“Eurovision is more than just a signing competition,” Melbourne University said in a press release, “it’s a critical area for competing political and cultural interests from across Europe to play themselves out.”

That’s why I enjoyed reporting on Eurovision so much. It’s an interesting phenomenon to behold and Americans would probably learn more about what’s happening across the pond just by watching. The contest, as kitschy as it is, is about national branding, making political alliances and social/cultural issues taking place in each nation. An average viewer might overlook these broad issues, but an educated eye might catch the dramatic, real-world tensions laying beneath Eurovision’s gaudiness and glitter.

So congrats, Melbourne University! I’m just disappointed I can’t take the class because I already have a paper ready about the injustice of Margaret Berger not winning in 2013.

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