Expect a Grace Jones Documentary to Finally Hit Theaters This Year

Expect a Grace Jones Documentary to Finally Hit Theaters This Year

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How long does it take to properly produce a Grace Jones documentary? More than a decade, apparently. The Musical of My Life is a documentary-slash-biopic about the ’80s icon that has been in the works for 12 years (since 2005). But good news — it’s supposed to finally see release in the UK via Picturehouse Entertainment later this year.

With a life like Jones’, it’s not surprising that she isn’t keen on allowing someone else to tell her story, which is most likely why she’s personally invested in the film.

Partly financed by BBC films, the Grace Jones documentary — directed by Sophie Fiennes (The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema) — has been described as “a multi-narrative journey through the private and public life” of the iconic artist and performer. It mixes Jones’ own personal footage with her legendary staged musical numbers.

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No word yet on whether the film will hit big screens in the United States.

Among the many stories we’re hoping the documentary touches upon — there really are too many to count — is Jones’ famous 1980 television appearance on The Russell Harty show, which has since become the ultimate exercise in diva behavior.

Picture this: Harty, the chat show’s host, is sitting between his two guests, Jones and … some old white guy. When Harty turns his back to Jones to speak to his other guest, she completely loses it and resorts to whacking him a few times. As you’ll see in the clip below, one commenter says, “Russell absolutely hated every moment of it. The whole experience was a nightmare for him.”

Nightmare or not, it made for damn great television, and was one of those moments that cemented Grace Jones as a performer not to be underestimated in the decade to follow.

Watch the clip of Grace Jones on The Russell Harty Show here:

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