Grace Slick Chick-Fil-A
Grace Slick Chick-Fil-A

Grace Slick Took Chick-Fil-A’s Money and Gave It to LGBTs

Grace Slick of psychedelic ‘60s group Jefferson Airplane beautifully played Chick-Fil-A by letting them use her song in a commercial and then giving the proceeds to Lambda Legal, an organization that protects LGBTQ rights.

In Forbes, the musician writes that an ad agency approached her to ask to use “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” for a commercial for the fried chicken franchise.

Slick is staunchly pro-LGBTQ rights. The owners of Chick-Fil-A, on the other hand, are not. The company has a history of anti-gay activism.

Naturally, Slick was not happy to be approached by Chick-Fil-A. She tells Forbes, “My first thought when ‘Check’-fil-A came to me was, ‘Fuck no!’ But then I decided, ‘Fuck yes.'”

She agreed to let the company use her song, as you can hear in the ad:

But that doesn’t mean she supports the company. She writes, “I am donating every dime that I make from that ad to Lambda Legal, the largest national legal organization working to advance the civil rights of LGBTQ people, and everyone living with HIV.”

She’s taking money from homophobes and giving it to the queer community. Like Robin Hood for gays!