Grade School Promotes/Cancels Opposite Gender Day

Grade School Promotes/Cancels Opposite Gender Day

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Opposite Gender DayKing City Public School in Toronto, Ontario celebrated their Spirit Week with five four days of slightly irreverent dress code themes. Pajama Day! Wacky Hat Day! Friday’s spirit event, Opposite Gender Day, was cancelled amid concerns from parents about their children cross-dressing.

Grades from kindergarten to eighth were set to voluntarily participate – no child was being forced to dress as the opposite gender if they didn’t want to – and the event was meant to be in good fun. “They discussed the fun that the day might generate, plus how the experience might help boys and girls understand a bit more what what it felt like to be a member of the opposite sex…That was the plan,” said Ross Virgo, of the York Region District School Board.

We’re of two minds about this. On one hand, the event was clearly organized with the intention to create awareness about how the other half lives, which should be applauded. On the other, there are trans students, students just beginning settling into their gender, and students wrestling with their sexual orientation across the entire gamut of K-8. This sort of event could be absolute hell for someone already facing bullying for not fitting gender norms on a day to day basis. Let’s face it, middle school is awkward for the majority of us. Would an event like this unfairly point out kids who are having a harder time already than others?

We’re curious about what you think about Opposite Gender Day. Were parents correct to be concerned, or would the student body have benefited from walking a day in someone else’s shoes?

Via Toronto Sun

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