15 Pics That Prove Model Greg Kelley Is the Sexiest Man on Instagram (NSFW)

15 Pics That Prove Model Greg Kelley Is the Sexiest Man on Instagram (NSFW)

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We stumbled across Greg Kelley on Twitter earlier today. We found a pic of him showing some major visible penis lines. Needless to say, our attention was grabbed.

We started exploring the out model’s other social media channels. He has a really cute Tumblr that showcases his witty sense of humor and an obsession with Lana Del Rey. His Instagram hasn’t been used that much. When it is, it displays Kelley’s beautiful looks and killer body. His ability to utilize a floor length mirror for sexy selfie is beyond.

Our research also uncovered an interview in 2012, where Kelley candidly discusses his struggle being an openly gay model in a heteronormative industry. Wait, fashion?

“I had no idea that the modeling industry was strict about being gay. I thought they were open about it because some designers are gay and lesbian,” Kelley told FourTwoNine.

“To be completely honest, my agency actually told me not to act too feminine in front of clients. I was allowed to at the agency, they were fine with it there, but outside of the agency I had to be ‘straight.’ The main reason is because clients in ‘the industry want men to be their brand, not little girls,’” Greg says, quoting his agent.

Gay or straight, fem or masc: Greg Kelley is beautiful.

Last week, we introduced you to Tree Man. But these pics of Kelley will make you forget all about him. We also live for the fact that not only is he super hot – he is super himself.

Here Are 15 Hot Pics of Out Model Greg Kelley:

1. “If a hot man stands in a forest and nobody’s around to see him…


2. …can we still jerk off to the pics?”

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