Grilled Cheesus Commands You To Win An EZ Grill!

Grilled Cheesus Commands You To Win An EZ Grill!

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Yessiree boys and girls, step right up and witness the magic, the myth, the mozzarella – Praise the Grilled Cheesus! The good folks at EZ Grill want you to get down on your knees and praise the Gouda Lord for a chance to win your very own disposable grill. Springtime is tailgating season after all.

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To commemorate this holy (like Swiss, obviously) occasion, EZ Grill is instructing you on how to get your Gleek on and make your very own Grilled Cheesus. Fire up your EZ Grill, y’all! It’s time to get down with Peter, Paul and Pepper Jack!

Take it from here, EZ Grill!

Founded in 2008 by passionate outdoor grillers, EZ Grill has a vision to be the leading environmentally responsible, economy priced outdoor cooking company. The first in our broad range of innovative, all-natural charcoal based products, the EZ Grill line brings convenience and sustainability back to charcoal grilling. For cook-outs, tailgating, get-togethers or anytime you want that great charbroiled taste, the EZ Grill provides a cooking experience unlike any other.

EZ Grill makes it easy to “Grill Green!” EZ Grill contains all-natural charcoal with EZ light mineral oil that is not only safe for our environment but also safe for you. The charcoal pre-packed in an EZ Grill is made from agricultural byproducts plus cornstarch with natural mineral oil.

ParmesAMEN! Testify! Praise the Grilled Cheesus!

Confess your reasons for needing an EZ Grill in your life below for a shot at winning your own. We’ll select our favorites this weekend and send five lucky readers an EZ Grill! And tell your pals about the contest. Nobody wants to worship at the grilling alter all prove-alone, right?

Now get to confessing!

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