These 7 Ingredients Should Be in Every Man’s Grooming Arsenal

These 7 Ingredients Should Be in Every Man’s Grooming Arsenal

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When it comes to your arsenal of men’s grooming products, sometimes less is more.

That’s right — maybe it’s time to ditch the 25 bottles of potions and serums currently taking up space in your crowded shower and think about your regimen in a different way. Because more important than the number of products that get slathered onto your skin each day is what’s in them.

We sat down with Tame the Beast, a company that has dedicated itself to crafting top-of-the-line, sense-awakening grooming products for men. (And they’re giving our readers a special discount — head to the bottom of this post for details!) All of Tame the Beast’s products were created with the input of Dr. Michael Reed, a dermatologist at NYU who knows a thing or two about natural botanicals and their benefits. Here he gives us a crash course on which ingredients we should be keeping an eye out for.

Here are the 7 grooming product ingredients every man needs:

1. Caffeine

Sure, this is the stuff that wakes you from your zombie-like slumber each morning, but it’s also great for your skin. “Caffeine has anti-aging properties and soothes inflammation and redness for a more even skin tone,” says Dr. Reed. Even better, a recent study indicates that caffeine may even contribute to healthy hair growth.

You’ll find caffeine in Tame the Beast’s Extreme Yawp, Hair, Beard & Body WashShampoo and Conditioner.


2. Ginseng

Did you know Ginseng is commonly used as an all-natural libido stimulant? “This valuable plant may also stimulate healthy hair growth and ward off dandruff,” Dr. Reed says. We don’t know about you, but no dandruff and an increased sex drive is a major win in our book.

You’ll find ginseng in Tame the Beast’s Body LatherShampoo and Conditioner.


3. Eucalyptus

An aromatic essential oil that does wonders for the well-being of your hair and skin, eucalyptus is commonly used to heal skin irritation, for its calming effects and its ability to soothe sore muscles. (Yes, that’s permission to take a bubble bath.) It “moisturizes, prevents dandruff and relieves itchy scalp,” too, all while it stimulates blood circulation and encourages healthy hair growth.

You’ll find eucalyptus in Tame the Beast’s Hand & Body LotionBody Lather and Freezing Hair Gel.


4. Guarana

“Another plant with anti-dandruff and stress relief connections,” according to Dr. Reed, this tropical wonder is also a natural analgesic. It stimulates blood circulation, relieves pain, improves skin tone and reduces acne, all while moisturizing and replenishing your skin.

You’ll find Guarana in Tame the Beast’s ShampooHand & Body Lotion and After Shave Lotion.


5. Moringa

Don’t know it? Well, it’s time to. Moringa is the next great superfood and cosmetic wonder ingredient. Glorious for skin and blood circulation around the scalp, “Moringa is an anti-aging natural protector against things like cigarette smoke, metal pollution, pollen and smog.”

You’ll find Moringa in Tame the Beast’s Extreme Yawp, Hair, Beard & Body Wash and Shampoo.


6. Menthol

Similar to eucalyptus and often used in conjunction with it, this organic compound makes for a tingly shower due to its cooling, scalp stimulating effects — reminding you you’re alive!

You’ll find menthol in Tame the Beast’s Extreme Yawp, Hair, Beard & Body WashShampoo and Body Lather


7. Vitamin E

We all want to look younger, right? Well if you check any of the supplements in your medicine cabinet, Vitamin E is in there. “It’s an essential nutrient that can prevent premature graying, fight aging, treat sunburns, lighten dark spots, and moisturize and cleanse your skin,” says Dr. Reed.

You’ll find Vitamin E in Tame the Beast’s Body Lather, Pre-Shave Oil and After Shave Lotion.


As an exclusive for our readers, you can use the code HORNET10 to receive $10 off a Tame the Beast order over $25. What a deal!

Discover more about Tame the Beast and its American-made men’s grooming products at

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