This Guy Used an Army of Fire Ants to Defeat a Planned Parenthood Protest

This Guy Used an Army of Fire Ants to Defeat a Planned Parenthood Protest

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A Twitter user claims he chased some obnoxious anti-choice protesters away from a Planned Parenthood by enlisting the help of the insect kingdom.

(Note: “chud” is an acronym for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. It’s an insult popular among leftists on Twitter. The expression comes from a 1980s horror movie about sewer mutants.)

Protesters are a common sight outside of women’s health clinics. Often, protesters hold up gory images of dead fetuses and scream insults at the patients. One Buzzfeed writer described an absolutely hideous encounter with some anti-abortion activists:

The hardest thing I’ve ever done is carry a sobbing 14-year-old rape survivor from the door of a women’s health clinic to the door of the van that would take her back to a women’s shelter, while a crowd of men stood around us and screamed that she could never be forgiven.

Thus, sympathy for anti-choice protesters remains very, very low amongst pro-choice advocates.

It was then that this Twitter user got a devilish idea. But first, he and his friends had to get hammered.

The Twitter user is referencing a line from Arlo Guthrie’s classic anti-authoritarian ballad “Alice’s Restaurant.”

But the plot had just begun….

The fire ants began viciously attacking the anti-abortion protestors.

The protesters soon learned that even the police cannot defeat the forces of nature:

One member of the pro-Planned Parenthood group literally risked his balls:

We cannot verify this story, and we cannot recommend this course of action in dealing with protesters (it’s probably illegal and as mentioned above it will put your balls in danger), but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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