porn star haiku teaser
porn star haiku teaser

We Asked These Gay Porn Stars to Write a Romantic Haiku for Valentine’s Day (Yep, Seriously)

What better opportunity than Valentine’s Day to take in a little poetry, right? And what better format for a romantic poem than the haiku, the least daunting of all forms of waxing poetic?

This Valentine’s Day we enlisted some of our favorite gay porn stars to get us in the V-Day mood. No, not by stripping down and sharing nudie pics, but by writing haiku!

Some of the haiku below are actually cuddly, while others are just downright raunchy. Enjoy!

(Oh, and while it probably doesn’t need to be said, many of the links below to these porn stars’ social media accounts are NSFW.)


1. Wesley Woods

haiku wesley woods

Turn off the lights boo
I’ve got something to show you
Here’s my dick, LOVE YOU!

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2. Adam Ramzi

haiku adam ramzi

Perhaps roses could
Cure the stomach pain caused by
Eating heart candies

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3. Devin Franco

haiku devin franco

It’s Valentines Day
So let’s fuck in the open
And make love not war

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4. Dakota Payne

haiku dakota payne

my rosebud is red
with layers of pink inside
be my valentine

“cum in me” he says
his eyes roll back in his head
I already did

love is like a dick
you take as much as you can
until it breaks you

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5. Cyd St Vincent

haiku cyd st vincent

Between math and art
I take a homework break
Fist deep in your ass

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6. Sean Taylor

haiku sean taylor

Beyond the screens,
Past the keyboards,
Are the real people.

Fantasies, cavings, urges,
Acted and portrayed,
By the Porn stars that we lust.

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7. Steve Cruz

haiku steve cruz

How to Win a Porn Star’s Heart:

Just got a new #fan.
All my wishes ship next day,
Thanks Amazon Prime!

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8. Luc Dean

haiku luc dean

A beautiful man
He’s got a beautiful soul
His cock is huge too

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9. Boomer Banks

haiku boomer banks
Photo by Courtney Charles

All adorned in black
Eating my smokey bacon
Love you but don’t care

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Featured image of Adam Ramzi by Lukas Beyeler