This Hairy Chest Swimsuit Turns Your Gal Pal Into a Sexy Stud
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This Hairy Chest Swimsuit Turns Your Gal Pal Into a Sexy Stud

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on July 31, 2017
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Just when you thought there was nothing wackier than a Jeado, here comes the “Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit” — you know, a hairy chest swimsuit for the lady who’s not afraid to show off her nipples and bushy body hair.

We stumbled upon the wickedly funny e-commerce site Beloved Shirts, which encourages its customers to sport macaroni-and-cheese or Ramen soup tracksuits with pride. Beloved Shirts bills itself as “a brand that says it’s OK to wear pizza on your clothing … or anything else you want” free of judgment.

This hairy chest swimsuit, a one-piece, is available in three fabulous shades — light, tan, and dark — to match your skin tone. They run a cool $45, which is a fair price knowing that you’ll be the most-talked-about girl (or guy) by the pool.

sexy chest swimming suit

Thus far people have not been shy about voicing their opinions on the hairy chest swimsuit. From “the most horrific piece of swimmer ever” to I’m “personally affected by this chest hair swimsuit,” some have definitely expressed disdain.


sexy chest swimsuit


Sure, it’s not a swimsuit for all — or perhaps for most. But it takes balls to wear this one-piece, and we can’t help but love the message it sends, even if it is an unintended one: Screw your body-shaming. I’m perfectly fine in mine. We’re also huge fans of any attempt to toy with gender norms. Sue us.

Whether you’re hairy, hairless, tall, short, fat or skinny, we think you can pull off this hairy chest swimsuit.

And despite some negative feedback, the swimsuit has apparently become a huge hit with customers. Women are buying it for their bachelorette parties. Men are purchasing it for their significant others (and for themselves). Maybe you should purchase one for your favorite gal pal. After all, the world could use a few more sexy, hairy studs.

My Summer bod is ready See what all the fuss is about ?Link in bio

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