half an onion donald trump twitter
half an onion donald trump twitter

Can Half an Onion in a Bag Get More Twitter Followers than Donald Trump?

It’s shaping up to be a rough week for Donald Trump. First, a solid weekend of protests against him draws more people than his inauguration. Now, a half an onion in a plastic bag is gearing up to dominate him in Twitter followers. Sad!

Trump has made headlines for his unhinged, nation-destabilizing rants on Twitter. But he might find himself coming up short against a sliced vegetable in a Ziplock.

The onion opened its Twitter account on January 20, and it already has 122,000 followers three days later. But with 21.6 million followers, Donald Trump will be hard to beat.

We’re rooting for the onion. Its success would be a delicious, nutritious blow to Trump’s notoriously fragile ego.

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