Half of MS Republicans Think Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal Politics

Half of MS Republicans Think Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal

Written by Kevin Farrell on March 27, 2017
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Where's the beef?

With an election campaign cycle just over the horizon, lobbying and political organizations across the country are polling, Polling, POLLING up a storm. The results of a new poll out of Mississippi have us horrified today.

46% of Mississippi Republicans are in favor of making interracial marriage illegal, and only 40% say that it should be legal. Sure those numbers don’t quite add up, but it’s Mississippi we’re talking about here. Zing!

Marriage between members of different races has been legal in the United States since a 1967 Supreme Court decision. The deep south has had almost half a century to get used to it, but they’re all, “Naaaaah.”

Discrimination and bigotry come in all sorts of flavors, and while we normally focus on bringing LGBT issues to your screen, we felt like this story was absolutely worth sharing. It’s sad, it’s scary, and it means we have a long, long way to go before tolerance is the norm in the United States.

Are you angry at this figure? Upset? Not surprised? Tell us how you’re feeling below.

Via America Blog

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